A wide variety of liquors available to pair with our delicious cuisine
  • Beverages

    Mango Lassi $3.95
    Delicious blend of mango and yogurt with a touch of sucrose
    Sweet Lassi $3.50
    (We have salted version of it too) yogurt and milk blended with accents of sugar whisked all together to get that smooth taste
    Frozen Iced Mango $5.95
    Mango and ice blended all in one to get that real taste of mango smoothie
    Strawberry Smoothie $5.95
    Strawberry and ice with a touch of pineapple juice blended to smooth flavor of strawberries
    Tropical Smoothie $5.95
    The Taste Of caribbean got to india with coconut, strawberry,mango & pineapple all blended
    Virgin Pina Colada $5.95
    Mixed from the bar with the blend of coconut & Pineapple flavors,Served frozen.
    Masala Tea/Coffee
    We also Serve regular tea
    Coke Fruit Punch
    Diet Coke Orange Soda
    Sprite Club Soda
    Ice Tea
    Juice/cold tea
    Orange Juice Raspberry Iced Tea
    Pineapple Juice Unsweetened
    Cranberry juice Iced Tea
    Bottled Beer
    Taj mahal Bud light
    Kingfisher Corona
    Heineken Budwelser
    Miller Lite Amstel light
  • North Indian

    Aagaaz /Appetizers
    Gharam Shorba/Soups
    Bageeche Se/Vegetable Entres
    Gosht/Lamb and Goat
    Samundri Moti/From the bottom of sea
    Khazane -E- Aatish/ Treasure from Tandoor
    Kadhai Se/Wok entrées
    Deghi/Rice Dishes
  • Indo Chinese Menu

    Rice & Noodle Dishes
  • South Indian

    Masala Dosa $10.95
    Rice crepes stuffed with potatoes and Indian spices served with Sāmbhar and chutney
    Plain Dosa $7.95
    Crispy or soft crepes served with Sāmbhar and chutney
    Veg Uttapam $10.95
    A thick pancake made with rice batter with onion, tomatoes and chilies
    Spring Dosa $10.95
    Rice crepe stuffed with julienne stir fried vegetables served with Sāmbhar and chutney
  • Homemade Indian Breads

    Plain Naan $2.50
    A traditional unleavened hand tossed bread freshly baked in a tandoori clay oven
    Garlic Naan $3.25
    Naan with garlic and fresh herbs baked in a charcoal oven
    Aloo Paratha $3.50
    Bread stuffed with potatoes, peas, slightly spiced and baked in tandoor
    Tandoori Roti $2.50
    A traditional unleavened hand tossed bread freshly baked in a tandoori clay oven
    Pudina paratha $3.50
    Wheat bread flavored with mint baked in charcoal oven
    Paneer Kulcha $3.50
    Naan stuffed with our homemade cottage cheese baked in tandoor
    Peshawari Naan $3.95
    Sweet Naan stuffed with dry fruits, nuts and raisins cooked in clay oven
    Keema Naan $3.95
    Naan stuffed with ground lamb
    Rangeeli Naan $3.95
    Naan stuffed with chopped chicken spiced to taste baked in Tandoor
    Bread Basket $7.50
    Combination of plain Naan, garlic and Naan and roti
    Onion Kulcha $3.50
    Bread stuffed with onion and spices cooked in a clay oven
  • Desserts

    Gulab Kheer $4.95
    Traditional indian rice pudding with almonds and raisins, flavored with rose
    Kulfi $4.95
    Home made indian icecream in mango & pistachios
    Gulab Jamun $3.95
    Dry milk balls served in rose flavored sugar syrap and a touch of cardamom
    Rasmalai $4.95
    Fresh Homemade cottage cheese patties in swweetened milk, garnished with pistachios
    Gajar Halwa $4.95
    Shredded carrot reduced in milk & sugar, garnished with almonds
    Mango / chocalate Mousse $4.95
    Homemade chilled desserts made with flavored whipped cream and gelatin
    Brownie with Ice Cream $5.95
    Rich chocalate cake served with Ice cream
    Dessert Platter $8.95
    Combination of assorted desserts:Gulab jamun , Rasmalai & Kulfi